Thursday, April 19, 2012

No sweatpants and sneakers: travel in style

Dress for first class: not a sweat pant or sneaker on our radar! Our tips for chic and functional airport style sure to get you an upgrade!
We get it, you want to (and should be) comfortable when you travel, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and more importantly you don't want to get caught in your pajamas when you run into that girl that was mean to you in high school.   
I always think that the your departure outfit should have everything to do with your destination.  If you're leaving snowy Boston for sunny Aruba then put on a pair of jeans and flats with a bright tank, cute blazer and scarf.  Once you catch site of the Happy Island, cuff your pants, tuck your blazer into your carry-on and tie the scarf around your head. Voila! Island-ified!
We love Elizabeth Hurley's look when traveling through LAX, super-chic, sophisticated and upgrade worthy!

What you pack is just as important as what you pack it in.  Ditch the zip lock bags and give your make-up a little love (afterall, it works hard for you!).  We love Sondra Roberts nesting cosmetic bags in bright stripes.  There's plenty of room for all your beauty essentials, and they're even great for toting your SPF to the beach.
Sondra Roberts nesting cosmetic bags
$48 @ Ports & Company
And if you're anything like me you're always (always) cold.  There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long flight, it'll happen once and that'll be enough.  I always travel with a scarf to wrap around my neck, shoulders, legs.
Loving Love Quotes right now, they come in fabulous colors (aqua, coral, purple, pink) and can double as a bathing suit cover up. 
Sofia Vergara using a Love Quotes scarf as a cover-up on the set of a Pepsi Commercial
($72-88 @ Ports & Company )

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