Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's a jean frenzy...
The latest and greatest in jean trends are the pull-on (yes, you read that correctly) jean from JAG.  Ok, so we get it...they look a little maternity when they're on the rack but put (or pull) them on and bye-bye muffin top helloooo Slim!
We've been on the pull-on jean train for months but once we saw them in February's issue of Oprah's O Magazine, we knew we were right!  Because as we all know when the Fabulous Ms. O puts her stamp of approval on something, it must be good!
They're higher wasted so you don't get that stomach-roll-over-thing, they don't have a zipper or button so they're smooth under long tops, and they don't look like....dare I say....Pajama jeans when they're on, they just look like well fitting jeans. When trying on a pair go down a size, you should have to do a little wiggle-wiggle to get them on.  They will stretch and no on likes a saggy bottom. 
Go ahead try a pair...and we'll say I told you so later.
JAG pull on bootcut jeans

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