Sunday, September 16, 2012


Check out Boston Globe's Style Magazine from September 16th!


Color- and pattern-blocking, executed within an outfit or even in a single piece, is everywhere. Kaitlyn Litchfield, a buyer at Ports & Company in Cohasset, notes that while “color-blocking has been around forever--think back to the mod ’60s--the mash-up is the invention of current-day designers adding their own twist.”


The dramatic swirls of baroque-patterned fabrics harken back to 17th-century Rome, but Amy Finegold, owner of Dresscode in Andover, notes that today’s incarnations are steeped in technology. “We’ve seen so many prints--florals, leopard, etc.--but these digitally produced patterns are quite novel.”
Relais sweater coat | $176 | Ports & Company, 23 South Main Street, Cohasset | 781-383-1020 |

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