Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A new twist on a classic!

A new twist on a classic!
Remember those rope bracelets from when you were younger?!? Well, Kiel James Patrick has taken our old favorite and spun it with into a cool, New England, nautical accessory!
Loving, no obsessing over, these rope bracelets!  And even better than the knotted rope with an anchor latch are the names: "Honey Fitz", "Jack and Bobby", "JFK", "Switfter Tied Ripper", and "New Haven Cross Oar" to name a few!  They're $36 and available at Ports & Company.
"Abaft The Beam" $36
"Brenton Cay" $36
"Honey Fitz" $36
"JFK" $36
"New Haven Cross Oar" $36
"Tarpuilin Sail Line"$36
"Tristram Calm Waters" $36

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