Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Think you can't wear a belt?
Think again - here are a few tips to try!

1. Wear a belt outside of the loops of your pants, cinch a sweater, a slouchy tee, or a billowing blouse. Even try it over your jacket for a more tailored look.

2. Wear your belt on your true waist (as opposed to the top of your pants) to create a feminine silhouette. A low-slung contour belt gives you a long lean look so you don't look "cut in half".

3. Pick a belt in a bright color, python, or one with studs to get a touch of the latest style without buying a whole new outfit. Easy and less expensive!

4. Wear a belt instead of jewelry.  Don't pile on the necklaces when going this route - it will take the attention away from your waist.
January Jones does it right with a simple black belt and no jewelry.

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